Sound Off for January 1st: Do you feel Congress deserves a raise?

Published On: Jan 01 2013 02:14:19 PM PST
Fiscal cliff looms

Congress has been the most unproductive group since the 1940s, but that's not stopping the president from giving them all a raise.

The 112th Congress has only passed 219 bills into law.

President Barack Obama approved a one and a half percent salary increase for Congress members, the first raise they'll receive since 2009.

The raise won't go into effect until the 113th congress, so parting members won't see any extra cash.

Vice President Joe Biden will also get a raise, seeing a salary increase from $225,000 a year to $231,000 a year.

President Obama signed the executive order as he haggles with Congress to reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Does it bother you Congress will receive raises considering the current state of affairs or do you feel they deserve it?

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