Sound Off for February 20th: Proposed 10 cent gas tax hike. Reasonable or are we taxed enough?

Published On: Feb 20 2013 12:56:25 PM PST
Gas Pump

House Democrats unveiled a transportation revenue package that would raise $9.8 billion over the next decade with the help of a 10-cent bump in the gas tax, a new annual car tab fee pegged at 0.7 percent of the vehicle's value and more than $3 billion in new bonds.

It's not just drivers who could feel the burn, included in the package is a new $25 fee on bicycles sold for at least $500.

The plan was introduced by Rep. Judy Clibborn, D-Mercer Island, who chairs the House Transportation Committee.

In addition to $1 billion for both the state and local governments to maintain infrastructure, the package would allocate about $3 billion to help fund new and existing road projects.

If all the projects are fully funded, House Democrats estimate the proposal would create 56,000 jobs.

So, how do you feel about the proposal?  Do you think a 10 cent hike is reasonable if it creates thousands of jobs?  Or do you feel we're taxed enough?

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