Sound Off for February 1st: Would a gun offender registry help crackdown on gun crime?

Published On: Feb 01 2013 02:19:41 PM PST
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A state lawmaker wants a new gun registry, much like a sex offender registry, to help reduce gun crimes.

Republican Representative Mike Hope introduced the legislation.

He's hoping that by keeping a statewide database of those convicted of crimes involving guns, it will be easier to prevent those criminals from getting their hands on  guns.

Hope says judges would be able to require criminals to register twice a year for four years into the statewide database.

Police will be able to quickly identify gun offenders and keep tabs on them after they are released back into the community.

But, critics say it won't make a difference, that criminals are already monitored already.

Do you think this legislation would help crackdown on gun crimes?  Or is it a waste of time?

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