President Obama wants to make pre-school available to all children, regardless of their families' financial status.

The President was in Georgia to launch his push for early childhood education - including nationwide publicly funded pre-kindergarten, "Let's make sure none of our kids start out the race of life already a step behind. Let's make it a national priority to give every child access to a high quality early education.

In his state of the union address on Tuesday, the President held up Georgia's pre-K program as a model for the rest of the nation.

Today he said parents of all income levels should have access to the same quality education opportunities, but the White House didn't put a price tag on how much it would cost to do that.

And Republicans have already slammed the proposals as too expensive and an overreach by the federal government.

The Obama Administration says government investment at that young age pays off significantly down the road, but President Obama will need help and money from governors to get Congress on board.

How do you feel about the plan?  Is now a good time to be focusing on publicly funded pre-kindergarten?

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