Sound Off for December 11th: Should radio stations be banned from making prank calls?

Published On: Dec 11 2012 01:18:40 PM PST
royal prank pic

The Australian radio hosts behind a hoax phone call to the British hospital where the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was staying have lost their jobs, their show cancelled and all radio prank calls have been banned at the Australian station.

The nurse they duped later killed herself and critics speculate the stress and shame of the prank may have caused her death.

2DayFM radio DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian have faced worldwide outrage over the hoax and during an interview say they were gutted and heartbroken over the outcome.

American shock jocks are also known to go over the line with pranks.

Do you think they need to change their ways?  Or was this a single, unfortunate circumstance that shouldn't affect other radio stations?

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