After campaigning together over the weekend, Mitt Romney and his new running mate Paul Ryan head out on separate campaign paths today.

Romney is headed to Florida and Ohio, while Ryan is scheduled to travel to Iowa, as the ticket looks to cover as much ground as possible.

Romney began the weekend by introducing the Wisconsin congressman as his running mate at an event in Virginia.

He is making it clear that he would be guided as president by his own budget plan -- and not the more detailed and more austere proposal from his running mate.

But top Obama aides spent yesterday branding Ryan's budget the "Ryan-Romney plan."

Ryan has proposed reshaping Medicare by setting up a voucher-like system that would let future retirees shop for private health coverage or choose the traditional program.

It's a plan that independent budget analysts say would probably mean smaller increases in benefits than current law would provide.

Are you pleased with Romney's choice of VP? Is he going to help the campaign or hurt it?

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