Sound Off for April 2nd: Would you like to be seated on Gail Gerlach's jury?

Published On: Apr 02 2013 02:51:57 PM PDT
Gail Gerlach

It's been more than a week now since a Spokane plumber killed a thief stealing his car.

Gail Gerlach shot Brendon Kaluza-Graham as he drove off in Gerlach's stolen Suburban.

Now prosecutors are trying to decide what criminal charges Gerlach should face.

A similar case may give some bearing to what charges prosecutors plan to file.

Back in 2007 a man named Allan Turnipseed shot a guy who had been terrorizing a neighborhood at 8th and Freya with his unsafe driving and threats with a crowbar.

Like Mr. Gerlach, Turnipseed claimed he fired in self defense but in the end, prosecutors charged him with second degree murder.

Not everyone on Turnipseed's jury felt he had committed murder and Turnipseed was acquitted.

During his second trial the jury was given the option of the alternative charge of first degree manslaughter and Turnipseed convicted.

If prosecutors go after Gail Gerlach for his car thief shooting they may include the lesser charge of manslaughter and let the jury decide which is the most appropriate.

If Gerlach was convicted of that charge, he'd be looking at about eight years in prison.

Would you like to be on Gerlach's jury?  If yes, what would you decide?