Sound Off: Will you be returning gifts the day after Christmas?

Published On: Dec 25 2012 02:55:01 PM PST
Sound Off: With 146 days to go, Christmas shopping season starts

On Monday millions of people spent the day rushing around from store to store, finding that last minute Christmas gift.

Retailers are hoping for big numbers when all the receipts are counted.
The National Retail Federation estimates holiday sales will be more than $586 Billion this year.

Tonight, people and stores are preparing for the "day of great return." It's estimated, people will return more than $62 Billion in merchandise.

Christmas returns is the topic of today's Sound Off. We really want your opinion on this issue:  Will you be returning a gift this year?  If so, how many?  Would you rather just receive a gift card instead of a present?

We'd like to know what you think. Leave your thoughts below.