Sound Off Thursday: 6 Million people may have to pay if they don't have insurance

Published On: Sep 20 2012 12:54:08 PM PDT   Updated On: Sep 20 2012 01:10:07 PM PDT

New estimates are in and say even more Americans may be forced to pay a penalty when President Obama's Health Care Reform Act goes into effect. The Congressional Budget Office initially estimated 4 million people would pay a fine if they didn't have insurance by 2016. Now, that number is up to 6 million people. Experts say the slow economy is partially to blame. Payments collected could top 7 billion dollars, 3 billion more that previously estimated. What do you think: are you more or less supportive of the mandated insurance, given how many people will pay the fine? If you're not insured, are you more likely to get insurance to avoid the fine? Leave your comments below.