Sound Off Tuesday: Are Ads Targeting Childhood Obesity Out Of Line?

It's a weighty question across the country: what is effective in getting parents to do something about their overweight children?

A new ad campaign has sparked serious debate.

The ads are running in Georgia right now where 40% of the state's children are obese or overweight, some even diagnosed with hypertension in the first and second grades.

The ads have angered health officials, saying you can't shame families into losing weight.

Rebecca Puhl of Yale University, "This campaign is an example of what NOT to do. We need to fight obesity, not obeseindividuals."

But, supporters say it's necessary to get parents to wake up and help their children.

Linda Matzigkeit, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, "This is a medical crisis and we can't continue to stand by and let thishappen to our state and our country."

The ads are styled to be "in your face" much like the graphic meth ads that helped drop teenage meth use in Montana by 50%.

Do you think the ads are out of line?

What do you think needs to happen to deal with America's weight crisis?