Silverwood Theme Park Looking Forward

COEUR D'ALENE - The bigger, the faster, the better. That's what a lot of Silverwood Theme Park visitors are saying they want to see in rides, now that nearly a hundred acres have been re-zoned for commercial use near the park.

The Kootenai County Commissioners gave the okay to re-zone 95 acres south of Silverwood, making it commercial. That opens it up to things like adding in more rides and food.

Layne Pitcher with the theme park says, "Now we can actually move onto looking at different things we could put down there or in other places in the park."

No plans have been made yet of what could go in, but visitors have plenty of ideas.

Bryce Jordan, from Spokane, says he likes the Riddler's Revenge ride from Six Flags. Ken and Dawn Merkel threw out names like Splash Mountain, a popular ride in Disneyland. Some moms, like Michelle Brenner, hope to see a few more options for kids.

Brenner says, "For my daughter, she's four-years-old and the height requirements, she can't go on a lot of big ones (rides)."

There's no time line for development yet, but about five acres will go towards a new interchange near the park that's a part of the Highway 95 expansion.

There is also a sewage treatment plant and irrigation area on the property. Early estimates show that leaves around 40 acres for the park to play with, expanding it by about 20 percent.

They are acres visitors hope will be developed soon and bring more screams of terror and fun.