Shock, Iron ready for round three

SPOKANE - It's been over four months, but the sting from losing to Milwaukee at home is still fresh. And the Iron is a team that will come to Spokane with a lot of confidence.

"They beat us here once, what's not to say that they can't do it again? That's probably what's going through their head," said Shock head coach Rob Keefe. "We know that they're going to come in here fired up and we can't expect them to roll over, just because we're the Spokane Shock and they're playing away."

Defensive back Alex Teems agrees.

"They have beaten us in this building, so I don't think them coming in here is an issue. Obviously, they are real comfortable playing here."

Spokane returned the favor and beat the Iron by 14 points in Milwaukee in June.

"We adjusted different guys in different positions and we were able to come out on top in a great performance," said Keefe. "But now, obviously everything goes, trick plays - they're gonna change it up, scheme against us very well."

Milwaukee comes in with the number one offense in the league, led by quarterback Chris Greisen

"He's real good," said Teems. "Smart player. Accurate. He knows what he's doing. He knows the game well."

"He's great, I don't think he's good. I think Chris Greisen is great," added Keefe. "He's a heck of a football player. He was the offensive MVP in 2007 in the AFL. He's a very smart player. Veteran leader. He makes others around him better."

The Shock is only two games away from their ultimate goal. And the closer they get, the more they want it.

"At the beginning of the year, everyone talks about winning a championship," said defensive lineman Jerry Turner. "Right now, we are in the driver's seat. We have home field advantage. All the hard work we've done will be for nothing, if we lose Thursday."

The Shock know that in order to get to the Arena Bowl, they will have to play a great game against a great team

"I think they're probably the most physical team in the league. Great quarterback. Great defensive line. And they're coached very well. I think it's going to be one heck of a football game," said Keefe.

Everything you'd expect in a championship game.

Originally posted at by KXLY4 Sports Director Derek Deis