Sheriff: Suspect Shot By Deputy Had A Gun

LOON LAKE, Wash. - The Stevens County Sheriff's Office, the suspect shot by a deputy Saturday morning and his family are giving more information about the events that led up to the shooting at a home near Loon Lake.

The shooting happened around 3 a.m. Saturday in the 4300 block of East Deer Lake Road.

The Spokane Investigative Regional Response (SIRR) Team, comprised of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, Spokane Police Department and Washington State Patrol, have taken over the investigation.

SIRR say the suspect, identified by family as 23-year-old Trinidy Lopez, is a car prowler and was believed to have a stolen gun in his possession. On Sunday, the Stevens County Sheriff's office also revealed that Lopez had a Felony Drug Warrant out for his arrest.

The Sheriff's Office says two deputies went to the home looking for Lopez. One deputy approached him in his bedroom at his parent's home and was met by Lopez with a gun in his hand, later identified as a stolen gun. The agency also said words were exchanged between the two and something prompted the deputy to shoot Lopez.

The Sheriff's Office could not confirm how many times Lopez was shot, but according to Lopez and his family members he was shot nine times; in the arm, wrist, femur, shin and four times in the chest. From his hospital bed Lopez said he still had a bullet in his lung that will require surgery.

Back at the home in the 4300 block of East Deer Lake Road, the boyfriend of Lopez's sister said he saw everything and has a differing account from what the Stevens County Sheriff's Office is reporting.

?He was in bed, you can see he was in bed when they shot him,? Troyton Tardiff said, referring to the blood stains and multiple bullet holes in Lopez's mattress.

Tardiff said the two deputies first entered the basement area of the home where he and his girlfriend live.

?They put a gun in my, the cop was very forceful, put a gun in my eye,? Tardiff said.

The Sheriff's Office was not able to confirm that they detained Tardiff, but he claims that at first they thought he was Lopez. He says the deputies then entered the main floor of the home and were led to Lopez's location by his mother. Tardiff says one deputy ran up the spiral staircase and began shooting with out saying a word.

?Excessive force, nine times and the cop came up here and opened fire, he didn't tell him to come down here, we want the gun, you know, put your hands up, none of that,? Tardiff said.

Lopez spoke to KXLY from his hospital bed and said he has never been a car prowler and did not have a gun. He said he was sleeping and then was suddenly shot nine times.

The Steven's County Sheriff's Office says words were exchanged between the deputy and Lopez prior to the shooting.

The name of the deputy involved in the shooting will not be released until Monday or Tuesday.