Serial Burglar Strikes Spokane Business

SPOKANE - A jail cell is all too familiar for a felon convicted of 21 property crimes after Christopher Cannata was put behind bars again for robbing a car audio shop Wednesday night.

Cannata and Jonathon Marquiss were arrested Friday for burglarizing Kelly's Custom Car Audio. If convicted it would be Cannata's 22nd and 23rd felony convictions.

Cannata and Marquiss stole enough goods to fill up two storage units, a car and two homes. Police recovered stereo equipment, tools, three handguns, and meth.

Spokane Police Officer Glenn Bartlett believes felons like Cannata always strike again.

"It's frustrating," said Bartlett. "There are a lot of people that are repeat offenders out there that continually victimize people."

The owner of Kelly's was forced to close his store for the week, that he has nothing to left to sell. He began his business out of his car until he had enough money to start his shop eight months ago. He said he invested everything in his business, but now he will have to start all over again.

"I hate to see another victim," said Bartlett. "I don't care if it's the first time the criminal has created the crime or the hundredth time, each time there's a victim out there."

Kelly's plans to reopen on Monday, but will only be detailing cars and installing stereos purchased at other locations.