Search For Man Missing On Lake CdA In Recovery Mode

HARRISON, Idaho - The search for a man who fell off a boat into Lake Coeur d'Alene Tuesday night has moved into recovery mode.

Crews first started searching for 24-year-old Rile Odwyre after he fell off a pontoon boat around 8:40 p.m. Tuesday. The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department returned to the lake Wednesday, combing the shoreline. They are considering Odwyre as missing and presumed drowned.

"They sent divers into the water, they searched the area for over an hour last night," Ben Wolfinger with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department said. "Right now, obviously we're not looking at a rescue; we're looking at a recovery."

Odwyre, who is originally from Fernwood, Idaho, was on a boat whit a friend between Carlin and Crescent bays. His friend called authorities after Odwyre went to the back of the boat to urinate and fell into the water.

The area where he went into the lake is between 115 and 180 feet deep. The boat was about a mile away from the shore and the water was choppy when Odwyre disappeared.

"Out in the open lake it can be real rough, winds can come up 25 miles per hour; gusts will come up, three foot waves," boater Greg Russell said.

Russell and his wife Kathy have been boating around Carlin Bay for around two decades. They say what happened to Odwyre makes them think twice about their own safety.

"Just makes me be more careful and think about lifejackets, those kind of things," Kathy said.

Deputies believe alcohol may have played a role in why he fell into the water and are calling this an accident. On Thursday they plan to use a side scan sonar if the weather allows it.