Search For Bigfoot In Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane woman out for a day hike along the Spokane river claims to have proof of the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot.

Samantha, who did not give her last name, and her friends were hiking at Downriver Park over the weekend when they captured Bigfoot by using their iPhone camera.

Samantha posted a YouTube video of the creature a few days later.

In her post, Samantha said she didn't notice Bigfoot until she looked at her video when she got home.

So, far more than 1,500 people have viewed the video online.

"Someone asked me in the comments section if I believed in Bigfoot before the video," wrote Samantha in an e-mail to KXLY.

"I have never given it much thought, but now I'm not so sure. Seem real enough to me," she said.

KXLY showed the video to several students and staff at Spokane Community College, where the school mascot is Bigfoot himself.

"Looks like just a normal person to me," said Margaret Clarke, a student at SCC.

"I think there is something big and hairy walking around out there like that," said Ryan Constable, a freshman at SCC.

Adam Sharp, Professor of Theatre and Film Arts, said he's seen Bigfoot linger around campus a time or two.

"We do get messages from him, from the faculty and staff," said Sharp.

"But he's pretty elusive; he doesn't like the spotlight a whole lot," he laughed.