SCRAPS Investigating Animal Cruelty Case In Elk

ELK, Wash. - A massive animal neglect investigation in Elk has uncovered emaciated animals and some event left for dead in what could be the largest stock animal seizure in Spokane County.

SCRAPS entered a property near Elk in northern Spokane County, nestled in a quiet neighborhood in the 47000 block of Bruce Road where livestock is treasured, and started rescuing animals one trailer at a time.

"It could be the largest hoofs and stock animal seizure that we've had in Spokane County," Nancy Hill with SCRAPS said.

Among the animals were horses, llamas, chickens and goats. The concern is they were forced to live in dirty conditions and didn't have good food.

It was a problem neighbors have noticed for around a year. Several people complained about the alleged abuse and SCRAPS even tried to work with the owners, but to no avail.

"We asked them to bring the level of care up that has not occurred. We need to take more serious actions," Hill said.

A search warrant was served Friday morning for 1st and 2nd degree animal cruelty and confinement in an unsafe manner. Once on the property investigators found scores of emaciated or dead animals

The animals that were removed from the property were taken to the Spokane County Fairground which has become a temporary emergency shelter. In preparation three tons of hay was ordered.

An owner of the property was at the home during Friday morning's investigation and is cooperating with authorities.