SCRAPS Continuing To Care For Seized Animals

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds continues to operate as an emergency shelter for nearly 100 animals seized from a residence in Elk last Friday.

Friday morning county officials served a search warrant on the property in Elk and SCRAPS seized 95 farm animals in what was the largest stock animal seizure in Spokane County history.

Some of the dogs and chickens are being kept at SCRAPS and six animals are at a veterinarian because they are in such bad condition. The rest are being kept at the fairgrounds, where SCRAPS staff members and volunteers are caring for them.

SCRAPS says the animals have been settling into the stalls and eating pretty much non-stop. All of them have been evaluated by a veterinarian on a scale from one to nine with one being the worst. Almost all of the animals have either been a one or two on the scale.

"There are animals that were critical from there and if we wouldn't have take that action they could be deceased by now," Nancy Hill with SCRAPS said.

The owner of the property where the animals were found is cooperating with the investigation. No charges have been filed against that person yet.

SCRAPS, which has spent approximately $10,000 caring for these animals, still needs to go through all the vet reports, evaluations and photographs before making a charging recommendation.

The money being spent caring for the animals isn't budgeted, so SCRAPS is asking for public donations to help with the medical care.