Students gave a school janitor in Kentucky the surprise of a lifetime this week.

Ricky Spaulding's son is in the military and is stationed overseas. Spaulding hadn't seen his son in more than a year, and had never met his new grandson, Lexington TV station WLEX reported.

He was called to the gym at Anderson County High School to clean up "a mess."

"They said they had a spill and of course that's my job so I went to clean the spill up," Spaulding told WLEX.

But instead of a spill, students presented him with a bag of money they had collected.

"My son is stationed in Italy and we are going to see him," Spaulding said. "Words can't describe the joy that I feel right now."

The secret donations started earlier this year and totaled $1,900.

Ricky's wife, Lisa Spaulding, called the money a miracle and said they plan to try to make the trip this winter.

"It just shows how much they care and I just think it's amazing," she said.