Post Falls trailer park residents frustrated by dirty water

POST FALLS, ID - Residents of a Post Falls trailer park say they are frustrated after several months of being under order to boil their drinking water.

River algae in the private water system feeding the Arundel Mobile Home Park along the Spokane River caused the state in May to require residents to boil or buy water.

Resident Joan Roberts says it is just the latest water quality and pressure issue. She says she's had to buy bottled water for a year and a half.

In fact right all the residents are buying their water, by the gallon and by the pallet, spending up to $50 on potable water on top of their rent which is supposed to cover drinking water.

Suzanne Scheidt, the state Department of Environmental Quality's local drinking water program supervisor, says the landlord doesn't appear to have a sense of urgency for resolution.

The Rental Connection, the landlord of the park that has 50 or so mobile homes, reports that the problem is a filter that needs to be replaced, and it?s taken longer than they thought.

The DEQ says the water is full of pathogens, parasites, bacteria, viruses and lead, likely caused at least in part by close proximity to the Spokane River.

The Rental Connection is saying that the filter problem will be fixed within a week. As for whether or not residents will be reimbursed for all the water they?ve had to purchase ? water that was part of their rental agreements ? The Rental Connection said they don?t know when that will happen.

The Associated Press contributed to this report