Shea accuses KXLY of "fake news," points to story KXLY didn't run

SPOKANE, Wash. - Controversial Spokane Valley politician Matt Shea accused KXLY4 of spreading "fake news" on Saturday, though the news in question was never reported by KXLY4.

The 4th Legislative District representative posted on his Facebook page, accusing KXLY4 of lying about a bill he proposed to repeal Initiative 594. I-594 was passed in 2014. It requires background checks for all gun buyers.

"SO MORE FAKE NEWS FROM KXLY..." Shea posted. "They said my bill repealing the unenforceable and largely ignored anti-veteran I-594 would stop all background checks. This is a flat out lie."

The story in question was actually posted on The Spokesman Review's website on Friday. KXLY4 has no editorial affiliation with The Spokesman Review.

KXLY4 did publish the other story Shea referenced in the post. "This is on the heals [sic] of them implying guns in stadiums is a new idea even though it is already state law." KXLY4 ran a story about that bill, 1015, in December. It calls for weapons to be no longer prohibited in public facilities such as sports arenas like CenturyLink Field, Safeco Field and the Spokane Arena. It's a bill that the NFL and MLB have already come out against. KXLY4's coverage was factual.

KXLY4 has attempted to reach out to Shea on numerous occasions in order to get his side of the story, but he refuses to speak to the local media.

If Representative Shea would like to speak to the KXLY4 News Director to talk about news coverage, he can call the newsroom at 509-324-4004.