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Otter mulling 3 choices for Patterson replacement

BOISE, Idaho - Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter began considering a Republican replacement for Rep. Mark Patterson late Friday morning after learning candidates from Boise's District 15.

Among them: Former Senate Majority Leader Rod Beck, who has tangled with Otter on issues including leadership of Idaho's Republican Party.

Others are former U.S. Marshal Patrick E. McDonald and Boise lawyer Sam Hoagland.

Patterson quit after pressure from District 15 leaders when he lost his concealed weapons permit for not disclosing a guilty plea in a 39-year-old Florida rape case.

Though Beck is the southwest Boise district's top choice, he and Otter have been on opposite sides of the GOP spectrum.

Beck favors a closed primary, for instance, while Otter contends the elections should be open.

Otter spokesman Jon Hanian says expect a relatively quick decision.