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One school levy fails while another waits for final vote count

SPOKANE, Wash. - One local district may be in trouble if the votes from Tuesday's election don't swing its way, while another district is hoping for better luck next year.

The Riverside School District's levy is tied at 2,135 votes for and against. The $2.8 Million levy would fund schools operations. Parents say many of the programs in the districts school would look different.

"If it doesn't pass I'd have to switch (my son's) schools because he needs the extra classes," parent Jennie Rivas said.

Rivas' son is in first grade special education classes. She worries what will happen if the 200 votes don't pass the levy.

school levies failing

"The only other place I could send him is Mount Spokane (school district) and that's a good drive from here," she said.

Without the votes choirs wouldn't sing and the band's notes would fall flat; it's a tune students are not liking the sound of.

"If they take away band, I really don't want to be here," 6th grader Isaac Stevens said.

"I want them to have the same chance kids in Spokane have," parent Stacy Lucas added.

While Riverside is hanging on, the Reardan-Edwall school district already knows they've lost. Superintendent Marcus Morgan expects his $18.4 Million bond will fail by 15-percent.

"It's kind of like your remodeling after 30 to 40 years, only here we have 600 kids in and out a day," Morgan said. "So it takes a lot of wear and tear."

No leaky roofs will be replaced, no heating and air conditioning fixed, and the out-of-date technology will remain.

"If we go another ten years, then we get to the spot where you have to go deeper and further for things like water intrusion that's caused damage," he said.

Morgan hopes to run the bond again next spring.

The Riverside School District will find out the levy results next Thursday, when the final ballot count is released at 5 p.m.