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McKenna and Inslee debate about education and jobs

The race for Washington's next governor is heating up as the two candidates engage in a fierce debate about education and jobs.

Thursday night, republican Rob McKenna and democrat Jay Inslee debated for an hour in a television studio in Seattle.

The pair went back and forth over how to create jobs and provide more funding to k-12 education.

McKenna and Inslee debate about education and jobs

"We are going to prioritize the 11 billion dollars of growth and state tax revenue that's been projected into education first and allow the rest of the state budget to grow just not as fast," said Rob McKenna

"We need to prioritize education and that means we need to address health care because what's been happening we've been hallowing out the education budget and that money has been going into medical inflation for state employees, teachers and medicaid population to embrace preventive health care,"  responded Inslee

With nearly 300,000 people out of work, both candidates have very different opinions on how to get people back to work.

"My plan is rooted in the unique talents and capabilities of the people in the state of Washington , we do have a secret sauce here and that is innovation and so I've gone out to bio technology, aerospace, soft ware, advanced agriculture, military procurement and clean energy and done some common sense things," said Inslee

Inslee proposes commercializing research and development.

McKenna said running a business in Washington is too expensive and need to help out all sectors, not just a select few.

"I think we should create a level playing field in which all business have an opportunity to succeed, and not adopt the congressmen approach of letting politicians pick winners and losers," said McKenna

McKenna and Inslee will debate again next week.