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Could undecided voters decide the election?

SPOKANE, Wash. - A recent ABC News - Washington Post poll shows President Obama leads by three points over Mitt Romney, with a 3.5 percent margin for error. It also shows two percent of the voters are still undecided. So what do those people still want to know?

Looking at that poll, these voters, people like Deanna Stewart and her father Juan, are in a position to swing this election one way or the other.

"They're both trying to say that they're not on the same values, which they are," Deanna Stewart said.

"Total opposites on a few major issues," Juan Stewart added.

undecided voters

The father and daughter don't know what to make of the race so far. Deanna works part-time, but is hoping to land a full-time job. Juan is retired from the Navy but works as a truck driver and lives with his daughter after he lost his home.

"I really don't understand Romney's true meaning behind what he's doing, but yet Obama has shown me what he's doing for the first four years," Juan said.

Deanna wants to hear more specifics about the economy and social security from Romney: "How can we make it to where it's set for everybody and make sure it pays out for a long time?"

Juan, on the other hand, wants to hear more from the president on growing business.

"Are you willing to change regulations to have companies come back and open up logical job avenues," he asked.

Many undecided voters, like the Stewarts, are hoping to have their questions answered. At the presidential debate at Hofstra University Tuesday night 80 undecided voters in the audience may get their chance.