How Spokane voted on Election Day

Author: Kylee Cruz, KXLY4 Reporter,
Published On: Nov 07 2012 07:03:29 PM PST
Your Voice Your Vote
SPOKANE, Wash. -

You've been hearing about the results national and statewide races over the last 24 hours, but how did Spokane area residents vote in comparison with the rest of the state?

The biggest Election Day shocker for Spokane voters? Marijuana.

"The recreational marijuana," Spokane resident Todd Haiman said. "I am surprised, I'm eager to see how they are going to make it work."

"I was a little surprised that the marijuana referendum passed," Spokane resident Bonnie Mandel said.

The other big surprise is that Spokane County voters agreed with the rest of the state. 52-percent of the electorate here said yes to pot compared to 48-percent who said no.

"That's one thing I always thought was this side of the state tends to be a lot more conservative than the other side of the state so the fact that we voted yes, it was pretty surprising," Geoffrey Bracken said.

Unlike the rest of the state, Spokane County voters said no to gay marriage, voting it down by 14-percent with 57-percent against and 43-percent for passing Referendum 74.

"It surprised me that that was voted down here because I have a lot of friends who are super into supporting it," Bracken said.

While statewide Jay Inslee is up by two-percent in the race for Washington governor, here in Spokane County it's a different case with 56-percent of voters choosing Rob McKenna and 44-percent voting for Jay Inslee.

There was no big surprise in the U.S. Senate race. Democrat Maria Cantwell won big, beating Spokane Republican Michael Baumgartner by nearly 20-percent. The surprise in this race? Spokane voters didn't vote for their hometown boy. It was a close race here but Cantwell beat Baumgartner by more than 300 votes.

"Especially being a more Republican area of the state that is something you wouldn't expect to happen," Todd Haiman said.

As for the presidential race, while President Obama was re-elected to a second term, here in Spokane County Mitt Romney was the favored candidate by 9,000 votes. Romney received 52-percent of the vote compared to Obama's 46-percent.