Police PIT stolen SUV driver

SPOKANE - Spokane Police executed a PIT maneuver on a stolen SUV Wednesday morning, bringing to an end a brief pursuit and taking into custody a man who had an arsenal of hatchets and meat cleavers splayed across the SUV?s interior.

Stephen Heidt, 25, was arrested on a charge of possession of stolen property after the stolen 1990 Toyota 4Runner he was driving was stopped when an officer executed a Pursuit Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver.

Around 7:30 a.m. Spokane Police received a call about a suspicious car parked in the caller?s driveway near the 4400 block of East 16th. When the person approached the SUV Heidt drove away. The caller gave police a detailed description of the vehicle and they identified it as a 4Runner that had been reported stolen from the area of 16th and Highway 195 on Tuesday.

Ten minutes later police found the SUV near 3rd and Thor and when Heidt refused to pull over officers from both Spokane and Spokane Valley gave chase.

After he was pulled over and arrested police found numerous weapons including a hatchet, meat cleaver and an array of knives inside the 4Runner. They also found sports bags, tools and a safe that were suspected stolen during previous vehicle prowlings or burglaries.