Plant Farm owner shot by officer in business parking lot

SPOKANE VALLEY - The Spokane Police Department confirms the man who was shot and killed by a Spokane Valley Police Officer late Wednesday night is Plant Farm owner Scott Creach.

The Spokane Police Department is taking over the investigation due to the involvement of a Spokane Valley officer, who is also a contracted deputy with Spokane County Sheriff?s Office.

The shooting took place around 11 p.m. in the parking lot of the Plant Farm, a greenhouse and nursery located at 14208 East 4th Avenue in Spokane Valley.

According to police, the neighborhood where Plant Farm is located has been experiencing criminal activity recently. A neighbor had contacted police Wednesday afternoon to request police patrol the area.

Spokane Police spokesperson Officer Jennifer DeRuwe says the officer was parked in the Plant Farm parking lot in an unmarked patrol car watching for criminal activity when Creach approached the officer. According to Creach's son Alan his father armed himself before going into the parking lot because he thought he heard a burglar.

?At some point there was a confrontation between [Creach] and the police officer and the officer fired his duty weapon,? DeRuwe said.

?At 11 o?clock my dad got out of his bed responding to what he thought was a burglar, challenged that vehicle in his parking lot in front of the Plant Farm, subsequently a deputy shot and killed him,? Alan Creach said.

Scott Creach died at the scene; detectives later recovered a handgun on the ground near Creach's body. An autopsy report confirmed that Creach died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Alan said his father, who was 74, was a good man in the community. He is a pastor for Greenacres Baptist Church and used to host a gardening show on KSPO in Spokane.

?We?re going to miss him? I think it?s a terrible tragedy,? Alan said.

Alan also expressed that the Sheriff?s Office has been forthcoming with information, but was upset that his father?s body was still lying in the parking lot of the Plant Farm hours after the shooting.

Officer DeRuwe said the Spokane Police Department forensics team is collecting evidence at the scene and should be wrapping up their investigation at the Plant Farm Thursday morning.

The officer who was involved in the shooting has not been identified; the Spokane Police Department said in a release late Thursday afternoon that their name won't be released "for at least 72 hours and it may be longer."

KXLY4's Erik Loney contributed to this story.