Perry Street Fair celebrates 18 years

Perry Street Fair celebrates 18 years

SPOKANE, Wash. - The 18th annual Perry Street Fair seems to have it all; from food to shopping and activities for the whole family.

Five year-old Amele Martin says her favorite part so far has been winning a balloon dolphin.

For Ian Sullivan, President of the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association, who put on the event says he the sense of community is what he loves.

For Spokane Police Department's Captain Tracie Miedl, she has a hard time picking the thing she enjoys most about the event in the area she grew up in.

“I think my favorite thing about the Perry Street Fair is the amount of people that are here enjoying it. This never happened when I was younger and I wish it did,” she says.

The Perry Street Fair has come a long way in its 18 years.

Michael Schomburg, who manages Perry Street staple, the Shop, says, “we closed off the street the first time when I first started here and that is what kind of transformed it a little. The Perry Street Fair prior really focused around the community parade and there were a few booths in the park.”

The Street Fair has evolved much like the district itself.

Sullivan says, “theres been a lot of growth, a lot of change in the Perry district and in the East Central neighborhood in general.”

Schomburg says when the Shop opened twenty years ago, the area wasn't zoned as a business district like it is now.

“The previous owner got street lights put in and that was kind of the beginning of what you see now which is a really thriving little business district within a greater neighborhood that serves it really well,” he explains.

Passion for where you live, work and play, and celebrating that, is becoming more and more popular in Spokane neighborhoods. Schomburg is proud to be a part of one of the districts that started it.

He shares, “people know that this is an event now and know that Perry Street has a lot to offer and its kind of just becoming a model of success in Spokane.”