Pasma Sentenced To 9 Months For Hit And Run

COLFAX, Wash. - Richard Pasma was sentenced to 9 months in jail for a hit-and-run that left his ex-girlfriend Kristen Grindley lying in critical condition along Pullman-Albion Road last November.

9 months was the maximum sentence he could have received in the case. Pasma's attorney wanted a first offender's sentence but the judge refused because of the extent of Kristen Grindley's injuries.

Pasma entered an Alford Plea earlier this month in the case after prosecutors agreed not to seek an exceptional sentence against him for the Nov. 11, 2009 incident in which Grindley was found near death lying in the middle of the roadway. Grindley recovered from her injuries but to date does not remember the events of the evening leading up to her being injured.

Family members who were in Colfax for Pasma's plea hearing on Nov. 5 expressed their frustration at his decision to agree to the Alford Plea, under which he did not admit guilt in the hit-and-run but did admit there was sufficient evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt he was guilty of the charge.

?You just would like him to man up and say guilty,? Kristen's father Rick Grindley said at Pasma's plea hearing.

During the sentencing hearing Pasma spoke to the Grindley family, telling them he was sorry, adding that it has been an awful year, he wished the incident wouldn't have happened and wants to move on. Pasma's parents also spoke on their son's behalf, also apologizing to the Grindley family.

The Grindley family on the other hand, said they wished they would have done anything in their power to get Kristen away from Pasma. The most cutting comments for Pasma came from Kristen Grindley herself, who read a statement to the court which said she now realizes she was in an abusive relationship. She says she remembers opening the passenger door of Pasma's pickup truck but that's all she recalls from that evening.

Grindley said she is going to volunteer to help victims of domestic violence, saying that she was confident that Pasma will hurt someone else.

KXLY4's Tori Brunetti in Colfax contributed to this report