There are poor business decisions and then there's THIS decision.

Owners of a Long Island children's entertainment facility decided to bring in extra money by allowing a late-night, nudity-laced adult "pajama party" to be held in the same place where kids come for recreation.

CBS New York reported that Krazy Kidz, located in Medford, N.Y. came under fire after it was discovered that the facility hosted the event titled, "Jungle Gym & Pajama All-Night Dance Party: For Grown Ups Who Won’t Grow Up." Fliers and invitations were created and the party was promoted on a local website. Activities included body painting, Jello wrestling, pillow fights and a Twister contest. Pictures appeared on social media sites showing naked adults posing on children's play equipment.

Parents who regularly take their children to the facility were outraged.

Krazy Kids addressed the backlash via a Facebook post earlier this week.

After the complaints started coming in, the facility decided to close its doors for a "thorough sanitizing," according to a sign posted on the door. The long-term ramifications of the party remain to be seen.