Parents angry after Little Lambs shutdown

SPOKANE, Wash. - Just before state investigators raided the Little Lambs Learning Center, emergency calls were made to a number of parents with children at the facility, asking them to come pick up their kids right away.

Christopher Smith has a 1-year-old who stays there while him and his wife are at work. He says they called his wife just before they raided the facility.

"The state investigators left an emergency message on her phone to come and pick up our children immediately from the daycare facility," Smith says.

State investigators raided Little Lambs Tuesday, taking records and shutting down the facility. The Department of Early Learning explained the reasons why the daycare was shut down in a letter to the daycare's director Lori Crull. In it they said she doesn't have the character, suitability or competence to operate or work in a licensed day care. She's also being investigated for theft.

While officials with the Office of Fraud and Accountability say they were after records due to the theft investigation, Smith was just after his son.

"I was more worried about where my son was and what was going on and getting the heck out of there," he said.

Elyse Gannon said Tuesday that she had no reason not to feel safe with Little Lambs.

"The staff was really nice to me we always had a good conversation," Gannon said, but for her this incident was enough to cast a shadow of a doubt. "Then to find out when you trust this person with your kid all day, that they are getting shut down."

Unfortunately Gannon is now in a tough spot without having a sitter.

"It's a really tough position because I work late and there's not many daycares open that late and I don't have a lot of family here to watch her," she said.

Smith, on the other hand, had stronger feelings about the situation.

"I'm angry, really upset, number one, any parent is going to get upset when the police raid a daycare with your 1-year-old child and any other child inside the daycare," he said. RELATED DOCUMENT: DEL Notice of Disqualification