One Dead, Three Injured In Hammer Attack

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Patricia Heath, who was critically injured after a Bayview man attacked her and three other people with a hammer over the weekend, has died.

Heath died at 1 p.m. Monday at Kootenai Medical Center from massive head trauma suffered during the attack on Sunday. She was critically injured in the attack by 31-year-old Larry Cragun after he entered a home in the 34500 block of North Limekiln Road in Bayview Sunday.

Shouting obscenities, Cragun bludgeoned the four people inside the residence and then fled the scene.

Cragun was taken into custody at a local business without incident.

Patricia?s son Jedidiah Heath, 21, and mother Lorraine Wallis, 58, were also seriously injured in the attack. The fourth person, Patricia?s husband Michael Heath, 40, was not seriously injured and refused medical attention.

Cragun was booked into the Kootenai County Jail on one count of Burglary and four counts of Aggravated Battery. He made his first court appearance Monday, and also conducted a jailhouse interview during which he claimed his neighbors were hurting his family and repeatedly breaking into his house.

Cragun claims they were breaking into his house, poisoning his food and repeatedly hurting his 3-year-old daughter and ex-wife.

?I wasn't planning on busting them up or anything like that,? Cragun said Monday.

He added that when he went to confront them they came at him with a knife, a claim that investigators say just isn?t true. Investigators say they haven't been able to prove Cragun was provoked during the attack in any way or that his neighbors had done anything to harm Cragun or his family.

?They have cameras in my house and watch everything that I am doing,? Cragun said.

Authorities say there is no evidence supporting his accusations and people that know Cragun say over the past month he has been acting irrationally. Cragun himself had another reason to agree to an interview Monday beyond trying to clear his name.

?I was hoping to get out the navy base in Bayview, Idaho is working on top secret brain wave generators,? Cragun said, adding that the government has built a brain wave generator in the lake to invade the minds of the people living in Bayview.

?It was horrible thing when I had four different other brain frequencies in my mind,? he said.

Cragun also recently posted letters all over the coffee shop in Bayview describing the top secret brain frequency mission.

?I think he was irrational and paranoid,? neighbor Herb Huseland said.

He for some reason directed that behavior towards his neighbors, Michael and Patricia Heath, her mother Lorraine and their 21-year-old son Jedidiah.

When interviewed Monday afternoon Cragun didn?t know that Patricia Heath had died from the injuries he gave her but he did say he was sorry.

?I am sorry that the women got involved but I can't let myself be taken advantage of,? he said.

Following Heath's death, the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office reported it will amend one aggravated battery charge to 1st Degree Murder. He also is now facing attempted murder charges along with the aggravated battery and burglary charges.

Cragun, who was already on felony probation out of Bonner County for domestic battery, is being held on $1 Million bond.