One Dead In NW Spokane Officer-Involved Shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. - Investigators say the man involved in a shooting at a home near the intersection of Buckeye and Cedar and who later fired at officers was shot and killed by Spokane Police officers at a busy north Spokane Intersection Friday.

The shooting happened in the vicinity of Northwest Blvd. and Monroe just before 3 p.m. Witnesses say a man jumped out of a pickup truck that had been traveling southbound on Monroe.

Sgt. Dave Reagan with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said the man was carrying a shotgun and was firing it both in the air and at police.

The man ran around the Shari's restaurant in the southwest corner of that intersection and then ran toward the Spokane Tribe of Indians building. Witnesses say that Spokane Police officers ordered the man to put the shotgun down but he kept running. Police officers opened fire, shooting and killing that individual.

?All of a sudden I saw a guy running with a gun right along the Indian center there and then the police cars came and they kept on telling him to stop, he started running and they, they shot him,? eyewitness Mark Hyndman said.

Minutes before the shooting, the same individual was involved in a shooting at a home at the intersection of Buckeye and Cedar. The man, according to witnesses, went to the home and made threats against people inside the residence, yelling that he would kill the occupants of the home and firing his weapon several times at the residence.

Deputies confirmed the man was with his father and visiting acquaintances at the home before he became upset and fired about 6 rounds at the house.

He drove off in his pickup truck as Spokane Police officers were responding to the scene, the brief pursuit ending at the intersection of Northwest Blvd. and Monroe where six officers fired back, killing the man.

Investigators say nobody was hurt at the home on Buckeye and there were no known "civilian casualties" from the shots exchanged at Northwest Blvd. and Monroe.

Sgt. Reagan says the Spokane County Medical

Monroe and Madison from Augusta to Northwest Boulevard, and Indiana and Northwest Blvd. from Monroe to Madison were expected to remain closed until early Saturday morning. Drivers may want to take Maple, Post or Washington as alternate routes.

Sheriff's deputies planned to record both crime scenes on video with the help of the sheriff's helicopter Air One.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office and the Washington State Patrol has been called to investigate the shooting, which is standard procedure when a deadly officer-involved shooting takes place.

Investigators are still hoping to interview several people who may have witnessed the shooting, but left before police arrived. Anyone with information about the shooting, that haven't already been contacted by police, are asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

This is the second deadly officer-involved shooting in less than a month. On October 24 Spokane County deputies shot and killed Quentin Dodd as he charged at a deputy while carrying an obsidian blade. In that case the deputy warned Dodd several times to stop and drop the weapon, the deputy opening fire when Dodd refused the deputy's commands and was just a few feet away from him.

Friday's shooting is the 9th officer-involved shooting in Spokane County. Four of those shootings, including Friday's, were fatal. Six shootings involved Spokane County Sheriff's deputies while the other three involved Spokane Police officers. (See Related Story: Six Shootings Involved Spokane County Deputies In Last Year )

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