Not asking for directions may cost men thousands

SPOKANE - On Labor Day weekend, 91 percent of travelers will reach their destination by car. Some of those drivers will inevitably get lost and a new study suggests lost drive time costs men $3,000 or more in gas over their lifetime.

"That does not surprise me, a girl will stop and ask for directions. A guy has too much pride," says Spokane driver Evette Pitchlynn.

The newly released study sheds light on male and female driving habits. British insurance company, Seila's Wheels, claims that one in 10 male drivers refuses to ask a stranger for help. More than a quarter of men polled say they would wait at least half an hour before asking for directions.

"I rarely have stopped for directions. I just try to find my way," says Ron Butterfield who regularly commutes around Spokane.

However, the study found that three-quarters of women polled had no problem asking for directions.

"I'll stop every five seconds if I have to, it's better you're going to be driving around for hours," says Spokane driver Jen Wiley.

Not everyone is sold by this latest study, including drivers like Derek Robertson who stops and asks for directions.

"I think that sounds ridiculous driving around without asking for directions is absurd. I can't imagine why you wouldn't stop," says Robertson.