SEATTLE, Wash. -

Four wheeling, mudding and the cowboy lifestyle are all things this week's Wednesday's Child is interested in.

Dakota is 15 years old and loves the great outdoors, especially when it comes to getting dirty.

"If I could, and I had the money, I would buy a four wheel drive and an ATV, dirt bike and all sorts of stuff. That would be me. And then I'd go to rodeos if I could. I can't do that stuff in foster care. I'd even ride a bull if I could," Dakota said.

Dakota says he feels different from other kids, and has had trouble fitting in. He admits he hasn't always been kind. When he was younger Dakota struggled with lots of hurt and anger and took it out on others. It's something he's not proud of.

"They're just trying to make themselves feel better about the way that they're feeling at home. The way they're getting picked on at home," he said.

But Dakota says he's learned that it doesn't help, and is trying to move past it and think about what he wants for his future.

"Have a family, get a good job, have a good education. Hopefully be a nurse or maybe a farmer," he said.

To reach his life goals, having a family to love and support him will be key.