Hermiston, OR -

Most of the humans are gone from a U.S. government depot in Eastern Oregon where a stockpile of chemical weapons has been incinerated. Now the pronghorn are gone, too.

The East Oregonian reports (http://bit.ly/1f9Jqnv) that the state wildlife agency kept a herd of antelope fenced in at the 19,000-acre Umatilla Chemical Depot since 1969. Animals from the herd helped rebuild regional populations of pronghorn, a native species.

But the depot is being dismantled and closed, and the fences will come down. Wildlife officials didn't want the antelope roaming nearby industrial and farm areas.

So on Wednesday, the department sent a helicopter to chase the herd of slightly more than three dozen animals into corral trap. The animals were later driven to a wildlife management area near Ontario for release.