A 44-year-old Portland woman is accused of kicking her brother's dog and later drowning the animal in a plastic tub.

The Oregonian reports that a Multnomah County grand jury indicted Laura Carney-Herrara this week on aggravated animal abuse and other charges. She pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

Prosecutors say in court documents that Carney-Herrara kicked the two-year-old named Fred after he pooped on her floor. When the dog kept yelping, she then put him in a plastic tub in her bathtub, filled it with water and drowned him.

Documents show Carney-Herrara asked her son to bury the dog. The son told an animal services officer that he went to his mother's apartment in January and found the dog dead in a plastic tub of water.

The investigation began with an anonymous tip to the Oregon Humane Society.