Some mushroom hunters are objecting to Kitsap County's recent restrictions on recreational harvesting.

The Kitstap Sun reports that the county adopted the rules last fall after one of the best mushroom-picking seasons in decades drew crowds of hunters to county parks. County Forester Arno Bergstrom says people were hauling five-gallon buckets or trash bags full of mushrooms.

The restrictions limit pickers to one gallon per day and prohibit the harvesting of chanterelles less than an inch across.

But the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society says the rules are unprecedented and unfair. It says they were adopted without public input.

County officials have not backed away from the rules but have indicated they are in flux. Bergstrom is forming a committee to advise park officials on mushroom harvesting policies. Members of park stewardship groups and the mushrooming society have been invited to participate.