REDMOND, Wash. -

When a 54-year-old music teacher collapsed in cardiac arrest while teaching at a school in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, his fellow teachers sprang into action to revive him.

Redmond Fire paramedic Mike Hilley says one of the teachers who responded Thursday is the instructor for CPR and portable defibrillator courses at The Overlake School. Teachers and staff quickly gave the stricken man CPR and "shocked" him into what Hilley calls "a survivable cardiac rhythm." Arriving medics stabilized him and took him to Evergreen Hospital and Medical Center, where he was reported in stable condition.

Hilley says the health teacher who teaches the courses at the school and the teachers who helped out had never seen a cardiac arrest.

Still, the paramedic says, "this group of teachers and staff definitely saved the life of their co-worker."

The music teacher wasn't immediately identified.