This week's Wednesday's Child is J'urney, although he would rather you call him JC. When we met him his hair was styled in a Mohawk, but he says you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

"I was in a play and I played the goth and the yearbook staffer," he explained. Besides theater, JC has a wide range of interests including sports.

"I like jump roping," he said. "That's my favorite sport because I like jumping real fast. I like volleyball, basketball, fishing, hunting and all that stuff."

In school, JC's favorite subject is science and when he grows up he wants to be a baker or own a pet store.

"I want to own my own shop called 'The Cutest Puppies in the World,'" JC told us.

JC also told us he wants to visit a tropical island in the Bahamas or Caribbean, but a much more immediate goal is to be adopted.

"I've been waiting for a home for a long time," JC said. "A mom and dad who would care for me and take care of me as much as they can and I would do anything for them."