OLYMPIA, Wash. -

The Washington Supreme Court has upheld the stalking and harassment conviction of a man in Cowlitz County, even though he was not able to confront his accuser at trial.

Timothy Dobbs was arrested in Longview in 2010, after police said he slashed the tires of his ex-girlfriend's car and fired bullets at her house. Investigators also said he repeatedly threatened her not to cooperate with police.

The ex-girlfriend didn't show up at trial, but her statements to police were admitted. Justice Susan Owens wrote for a 6-3 majority Thursday that Dobbs forfeited his right to confront the witness against him because he caused her not to appear.

In dissent, Justice Charles Wiggins wrote that months passed between the threats and the trial, and it wasn't clear why she skipped it. Wiggins said Dobbs should get a new trial.