Coquille, OR -

Coos County commissioners have approved a plan to spray mosquitoes coming off a national wildlife refuge and surrounding areas because the insects have been tormenting residents and visitors to the Bandon, Ore., area.

The World newspaper reports the commissioners voted 2-1 on Tuesday in favor of the plan, despite concerns raised that one of the pesticides to be used could harm crustaceans in nearby creeks.

Last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service granted the county a permit to spray the mosquitoes coming off a newly flooded salt marsh on the Bandon National Wildlife Refuge. After coming under harsh criticism, the federal agency agreed to pay for spraying on the refuge itself.

The Bandon Dunes Golf Resorts will contribute $10,000, the city of Bandon $5,000 and Coos County $5,000 for spraying outside the refuge.