City trying to give away treated sewage water

Published On: Oct 14 2013 09:15:07 AM PDT
Eugene, OR -

The Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission is trying to give away millions of gallons a day of treated sewage. So far, no takers.

The Register-Guard reports the agency hopes to reduce the 30 million gallons a day it pumps into the Willamette River. The problem is the temperature of the effluent. It violates standards for fish for about a third of the year.

The agency had hoped to give treated water to nearby Delta Sand and Gravel to wash sand and gravel, control dust and make concrete. After considering the idea, the company declined because of health and quality control concerns. It draws its water from the river.

The sewage treatment plan may pump more of the water into poplar tree plantations it owns north of Eugene.