A Bellevue, Wash., police officer who was demoted from a supervisory position on the department's bomb squad for his off-duty conduct at a 2012 Seattle Seahawks game has now been removed from the squad because of an incident involving alcohol.

 Bellevue police say an internal investigation found that 49-year-old Officer Dion Robertson used poor judgment and violated policy by driving an unmarked bomb squad truck after consuming three beers over several hours at two off-duty social functions last Nov. 10. The truck was his assigned city vehicle.

There was no finding that he was impaired while driving.

Chief Linda Pillo said Thursday that the officer's removal from the bomb squad means a 4 percent pay reduction. The Seattle Times reports Robertson's 2013 salary was more than $104,000.

Robertson was demoted from corporal to officer after the Seahawks game incident in which he and a second officer were found to have violated policies on personal conduct by using offensive language.