Portland, OR -

A group of Portland activists piled a dump truck's load of winter coats and blankets on the street in front of a church that helps the needy.

The Oregonian reports that this is the fourth year the group has delivered the warm-up gear to St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church and organizer Jessie Sponberg says he wanted a spectacle this year.  Hence the dump truck.

On Monday afternoon, the winter wear hit the street. Activists and parish volunteers scrambled to move the coats and blankets inside the building while a volunteer flagger directed traffic.

In Sponberg's words, "We're just putting a Band-Aid on a bullet hole, but we've got a lot of Band-Aids."

Parish administrator John Patrick Riley says the parish's hospitality program serves more than 100 people daily and coats and blankets are in high demand in winter. He calls the donation "a little theatrical for my taste" but says he's grateful.