To ease concerns, lawmakers alter gun control bill

Published On: Feb 13 2013 11:07:01 AM PST
Guns on wall at Sharp Shooting
OLYMPIA, Wash. -

Washington lawmakers seeking to expand background checks for gun sales have scaled back their proposal in order to ease the concerns of weapon owners.

Under a revised bill considered on Wednesday, lawmakers say agencies that would conduct background checks would have to destroy records of the search once it's complete. Opponents of the bill had expressed concern that the transaction records would essentially provide a foundation for a registry of gun owners.

The new bill also allows private parties to bypass the background check if the buyer already has a concealed pistol license. They can also skip the background check if a request for such information goes unanswered for three days.

An NRA lobbyist still had concerns about the bill, arguing that both law enforcement and dealers may not do the background checks and essentially freeze private sales.