TACOMA, Wash. -

 Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says a man was killed for allegedly stealing a car in a case of what he calls "vigilante justice run amuck."

The prosecutor says 24-year-old Robert Ward was set up and shot to death Feb. 16 at Fredrickson where he was lured to a phony drug deal. Three men intended to beat him up and take the car. But, when he attempted to drive away, he was fatally shot.

One suspect, 25-year-old Nathan Stevenson, pleaded not guilty last week to murder charges.

The other two suspects, 28-year-old Presley Lind and 32-year-old Christopher Olsen, were charged Monday with murder. Lind was scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Pierce County Superior Court.

Olsen is accused of being the shooter. He was arrested Saturday in Post Falls, Idaho.