A King County judge has awarded more than $260,000 in attorneys' and court fees relating to a jury's $2.8 million verdict that the Seattle police chief retaliated against two officers who were transferred amid a dispute about overtime pay.

The Seattle Times reports that in an order Thursday, $196,000 was awarded to two Tacoma attorneys who represented the officers, $9,000 in paralegal fees and More than $55,600 in attorneys' costs.

Last month a jury found Chief Kathleen O'Toole retaliated against veteran sergeant Ella Elias and precinct commander Capt. David Proudfoot. The jury awarded $1.9 million to Elias and $932,000 to Proudfoot.

The jury found O'Toole did not retaliate against a third officer, Lt. Steve Strand. On Thursday Strand was ordered to pay $5,000 in costs to the city.