OLYMPIA, Wash. -

The Washington State Patrol says two women broke into Gov. Jay Inslee's office at the state Capitol, but apparently didn't realize whose office they were in.

Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins tells The Olympian that the pair shimmied up a ledge and entered through a second-floor window on June 15. They took a tribal blanket and mask, a bottle of wine, and a ceremonial state patrol hat. Other items, including computers and cameras, were passed up.

Officials say one of the suspects, a 22-year-old Oregon woman, was arrested Monday night when Patrol Sgt. Matt Wood pulled over a Subaru on Interstate 5 in Chehalis. He noticed the ceremonial hat for troopers inside.

Calkins said the second suspect was arrested Tuesday. He said it's disconcerting that the burglary occurred. Inslee's spokesman says no one in the governor's office was too bothered by it.